Wedding Photos: What you need to consider when picking a location and time

Wedding Photos: What you need to consider when picking a location and time

There are so many factors in choosing a wedding venue location. People mainly focus on size, price, and availability. A major factor that is overlooked is how compatible the venue is for photography. That’s why Sugar Snap Photography has decided to give you an inside look at what affects your photo outcomes from a photographer’s point of view. Here is our list of what you need to consider when picking out your ideal location and setting the right time to have only the greatest wedding photos!

The Perfect Location

Although getting married in a garden is gorgeous, the light randomly speckles through the trees onto the couple during the wedding ceremony. The groom may be in full sun while the bride has no sun on her. A great way around this is choosing an archway that blocks unwanted light. You can drape tulle around it or fill it with flowers and greenery! This ensures consistent lighting for the photographers to work with.

If you are doing an indoor wedding, make sure there is enough soft lighting for the ceremony and cake cutting. Also, fluorescent lighting is a no-no! You know when you are in a fitting room and it is less than appealing to look in the mirror? Don’t let your wedding feel like a dressing room! Keep your wedding photos classy and elegant.

The Ideal Time

What is a more romantic time to get married than while the sun is setting? If you choose to have your wedding at sunset, you might want to consider a first look before the ceremony to get your photos done because it will be dark once the ceremony has ended. Your wedding is your day. Getting all the necessary pictures out of the way before the ceremony not only ensures perfect lighting but it eliminates the need to set up entertainment for guests so you can take pictures. First looks are becoming more and more popular because you can go straight from the ceremony into the reception to enjoy your wedding and spend more time with everyone. A midday wedding worry is getting stuck in full sun due to the fact that you waited too long to start. Sweat is not your friend in tuxes and lavish dresses.

Managing Time and Communication

Time management and effective communication are key to any wedding. Hair and makeup can take hours so you must to take that into consideration for planning. Photographers will be there to get photos of getting ready but more importantly, they also will need to get bridal/groom parties photos done before the ceremony or first look. Therefore, it is very important when choosing a time for the wedding. Consult with your photographers before your wedding so they can give you an idea of how long they will need depending on the size of your wedding party. Make sure to introduce your photographer and coordinator before the event because nothing is worse than an unorganized wedding. It creates unnecessary stress and can delay the start of your special day. An hour late can make you miss the sunset or put you in complete sunlight, neither is an ideal situation.

Let us help you make it MAGICAL

Stay tuned on our blog for upcoming local suggestions for venues with great lighting and backgrounds! Feel free to email us any questions we know how hard it is to plan a wedding. Sugar Snap Photography is committed to making the day magical and as stress-free as possible, we always have a second shooter to make sure not one moment is missed. We arrive early to scout out great spots as backgrounds for the photos to ensure perfection! Thank you for reading our post Wedding Photos: what to consider when picking a location and time!

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