Engagement Photos – Why they are key

Engagement photos – they are not selfies

Calling all selfie queens!!! Images that are meant to forever portray your love are worth more than a selfie! These pictures we are talking about, are going to be made into albums or hung on your mantle or shown to your future family. These pictures are capturing a beautiful and priceless moment in time. They are more important than those duck face, tongue out, peace sign, high angled busty selfies we all know you are great at taking! Taking a few selfies that day is understandable, but leave it to the professionals. Let them take a portrait that is worth printing out instead of being one that sits on a phone. Let them show the love you have for each other during your engagement photo sessions!

Bonding with your photographer

The last thing you want to feel at your wedding is awkwardness. Some people who have not experienced a professional photoshoot might shy away from the camera on their special day. Unfortunately, that will reflect in the pictures but, more importantly, the mood. This can all be avoided!!  If you have already done an engagement photo session with your photographer, the camera shock has worn off. Being a professional, your photographer will find the best angles, the best lighting, and the best poses for the happy couple. They take it to the next step as well when they begin to review your images to see what doesn’t work and what images hit it out of the park! We recommend you being apart of this important step. Everyone has personal preferences when it comes to their own individual look. If you discuss and show your photographer what you like and what you dislike, your wedding day images can become more tailored to these preferences. The most important part of this entire process is to bond with your photographer! You do not want to spend the most important day of your life with a complete stranger.


Save the date cards, slide show or canvas on display at the wedding

One of the best things you can do with your engagement photos is to use them at your wedding! Nothing makes the venue or invitations more personal than your faces. You can make save the dates or wedding invitations with these images.  Or blow up a huge canvas with these pictures to hang on the wall for decor. You could even get some to personalize a gift table, seating chart, centerpieces, dessert tables and more! Be creative! Some couples even like to make a slide show to play while dinner is being served or during cocktail hour. This session should not be rushed or stressed (which could happen at the wedding)  Enjoy your love and engagement.  Capture it forever.


Feel free to email us any questions we know how hard it is to plan a wedding. Sugar Snap Photography is committed to making the day magical and as stress-free as possible, we always have a second shooter to make sure not one moment is missed. We arrive early to scout out great spots as backgrounds for the photos to ensure perfection!


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