How Many Hours Do You Really Need to Book a Wedding Photographer For?

How Many Hours Do You Really Need to Book a Wedding Photographer For?

When you start planning your wedding, so many questions start cropping up. How many hours you will need a photographer for is one of them.

The number of wedding photography hours you book mostly depends on how big your wedding is and how much of the day you want to capture.

The below guidelines will help you decide.

2 Hours

If you are one of the many couples who will be eloping or planning a micro wedding this year, you won’t need to book a photographer for longer than 2 hours. With this being said, if you would prefer to capture more than just the ceremony and a few portraits, you may want to book an extra hour or two.

6 Hours

This is the ideal number of hours for intimate weddings with less than 50 guests. These 6 hours will give you enough time to capture important moments such as getting ready, the ceremony, family photos, the first dance, and cutting the cake. There won’t be enough time for detail and décor shots or many photos of the end of the night though.

8 Hours

This is generally the average number of hours that couples book with their wedding photographer. It provides enough time for all the moments mentioned above. But there is also additional time available for bridal party photos and photos of your guests at the reception. You will also need at least 8 hours if your ceremony and reception will be held at different venues. 

10 Hours

If you hate being rushed and want as much time as possible for all the shots you have in mind, book at least 10 hours with your wedding photographer. This also leaves more than enough time for detail and prep shots, a first look, and a photobooth, and a grand reception exit.

It’s very rare for couples to need more than 10 hours of photography time on their wedding day. However, don’t forget to ask your photographer whether their travel time is included in those hours should you be planning a destination wedding.

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